Libertarian Party News

Freedom: it's rather nice.

And I truly hate filling out forms!

And so I got active in the Libertarian Party. For about 15 years I bugged friends, family, and other victims touting the axiomatic ideals of the libertarian movement. Then I started showing up at party meetings, making real donations, dropping lit, working booths, putting up signs, etc.

Eventually I became active at the national level, serving on the LNC, and later on the bylaws committee. After many experiements I concluded that the party's position was too radical to allow real victories, so I launched the Libertarian Reform Caucus in an attempt to lighten the platform, eliminate the membership oath, and open up the party to the more moderately libertarian.

This article in LP News was part of that effort:

Well, the Caucus was successful in repealing the old anarchistic platform in 2006, but the oath remained, so I left the party a year later. (I would still love to see a few dozen Libertarians in Congress, no matter how radical, but I'm not going to waste my time/money trying to make it happen.)

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