Welcome to the home page of Carl Milsted, Jr., author of the science fiction thrillers P is for Psyllium, The Accountant from Arcturus, and the dark dystopian classic, Encyclopedia Police -- soon to be an 11 part miniseries on HBO. "It's for your own good" will never be the same...

OK. OK. The first paragraph is a bunch of lies. Fiction, if you will. But I have appeared in these fine publications:

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I also have a book out! Business Plan for a New Political Party. If you happen to be planning to launch a new political party, or want to get an existing third party off the ground, this book will be useful to you.

And if you are just curious about the running and marketing of a political party, you might find the book of interest as well.

My Active Political Sites

My biggest idea site is Holistic Politics. I use the term "holistic" in a technical sense, not in a New Age sense. All too often political factions are out to promote a particular value, such as freedom, the environnment, helping the poor, promoting morality and so on. There are trade-offs between these values. However, in the fight over which values are more important, many synergies get overlooked. It is possible to dramatically cut the size of government and increase equality; socialism is not necessary to reduce the power of the rich. It is possible to grow the economy and preserve the environment. It is possible to empty half the prison cells and reduce crime and promote Christian values.

And if you are trying to reach me, try the contact page there. Email is your best bet for prompt response. I try to keep my Facebook friend list down to Dunbar's Number or less, so unless you are an old friend or family member, I will probably not respond to your friend request -- and Facebook messages to non-friends are hidden by the interface; expect a month delay or more for a response. As for text messaging, I consider it a joke technology devised by malevolent space aliens. Phones are for talking.

Holistic Politics

The search engines don't like overly general sites which cover too many topics unless they have a huge amount of authority. And so lately I have been playing with more tightly focused web sites, taking a more limited number of issues each.

My first attempt in this regard is the somewhat light hearted Free Money for All. If the People are going to vote themselves a free lunch, then just do it! instead of hiding the fact in a maze of complicated government programs. Just soak the rich and divide the proceeds evenly to all citizens.

In all seriousness, the idea is actually a good one. It would solve a host of social ills including an excessively complicated tax code, crime filled welfare ghettos, poverty, wasteful spending, needless environmental destruction, crime, and illegal immigration. (Facebook page here.)

My latest project is Finance and Freedom. Here, I am focusing on just economic liberty. But like Holistic Politics, my view of economic freedom is more than just freedom from Big Government. I shall look into ways to make it easier to go into business and better regulations to keep the insiders from cheating small investors. (Facebook page here.)

I aim to be politically viable. Have a look at this proposal to simplify the income tax as an example. It's progressive enough for sane liberals, yet is simpler than many flat tax proposals out there.

My earliest site is The Enhanced Precision Political Quiz in 2D. Back in 1999 I had concluded that the World's Smallest Political Quiz was too small. The small size made it impossible to detect moderate libertarians. So I developed a longer quiz for old Windows machines and in 2001 made a web version. This site also has a collection of old essays on Libertarian political strategy, many of which are applicable to third parties in general.

Sites I Used to Run

Once upon a time, I was chairman of the Libertarian Party of Buncombe County, N.C. The word "bunk" comes from "Buncombe", and if you saw the wild mix of political factions there, you would see why: hippies, hardcore conservatives, fundamentalist Christians, New Agers, and even a former NAACP leader with a penchant for waving the Confederate flag.

This was a great place to live and a great place to promote new political ideas. But still, the LP was a hard sell. The party disbanded a few years ago, and now an entirely new group is having a go at it. So I have nothing to do with the current site. To see what it was like when I was running the site see here.

After seeing what could be done with hard work, press coverage, etc. most of us in the Buncombe County LP decided that it was the overly radical LP Platform that was holding the party back. So, we launched the Libertarian Reform Caucus, in an attempt to convert the LP from a club of borderline anarchists to a real political party. I was the webmaster for the first couple of years, and led a successful effort in 2006 to scrap most of the old LP platform. The membership oath and bad branding remain; however, so I have handed over leadership of the Caucus to others. They are making strides, but there is much left to do, and I think starting a new political party from scratch is the easier option.