Welcome to the home page of Carl Milsted, Jr., Ph.D. physicist and computer programmer.

As happens often to physicists, most of my career was government related and not the sort of thing you can describe on LinkedIn in detail. So when the contractor I worked for went mostly out of business, I decided to make a public display of my programming prowess.

The result is Conntects a social media site which does not fry your brain. Go give it a try. The current alpha test version is free. The site is a Swiss army chainsaw of a platform: you can blog on it, host forums, private message people, or just post cat photos on your personal feed. You have iron grip control over who sees your posts and what posts you see. And the commenting system far exceeds the power of what is available in the legacy competitors.

Alas, my personal savings did not suffice to make the site finished enough to take paying customers, so I am now seeking employment. The aforementioned social media site is my public display of Go programming prowess. Most of my career has been programming in C/C++, including about eight years of writing CUDA kernels. But I have also coded in Fortran, Java, JavaScript, Tcl/Tk, Perl, C#, and Python for pay.

My career has mostly been modeling physical systems, which means that the output has been floating point, with Truth not always available. So I have had to rely more on building in quality vs. testing in quality.

And I have been known to handle some heavy math from time to time.

I can be contacted by electronic mail using my first name at this domain.